Anugraha Farms

Anugraha Farms

Anugraha farms are pioneers in Agro-realty providing customized farmland to suit your requirement and budget with an option to manage the farmland for you.

 Providing Farmlands post the 7 mandate checks: 

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About Us

Welcome To Anugraha Farms - Your Gateway to Serene and Sustainable Managed Farmlands

We are pioneers in Agro-realty providing customised farm land in Bangalore to suit your requirement and budget with an option to manage the farmland for you. We have been investing in farmlands for over 10 years and understand the benefits of having this asset class in a modern and diversified portfolio. Meet our experts who specialise in buying, selling and managing high-quality farmland with an experienced approach and personal attention to ensure all the requisites are met as we provide managed farmlands with a privileged environment and a spectacular view. Whether you are looking to invest in farmland for farming or as an investment, let our team of passionate experts provide the insight you need to make the right choices for your farmland portfolio for a greener tomorrow.

At Anugraha farms we believe in building strong farm communities that can fully sustain the developing needs and demands of our future. Our Plan is to bring farmlands near Bangalore to those who love nature and the company of like-minded people. You can be rest assured to get access to all the farm needs right from plantations, farmhouse construction, skilled manpower, Gated Community, farming banks, suppliers, nursery and can be plugged into the activities that are happening in the farm community. We encourage Natural Farming Principles and adhere to sustainable living as the core value. Hope that you and your family will have a wonderful time living in our communities.

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30 Lakhs onwards

25 Lakhs onwards

At just Rs.300 per sqft

At just Rs.300 per sqft

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